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Sunday, December 18, 2011


This year has been...interesting.  Most years previous can be summed up with a few, or even one word.  This one, not even close.  In-fact, I don't know if this blog will hold such a massive load of ups and downs, personal development, friendships developed, and the blessings poured onto me and my family.  This year started out with a new baby, the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.  I've seen some real ET lookin' newborns so believe me when I say that this child of mine was gorgeous.  I can't say that my sleep was too drastically affected because my wife went into superhuman mode and just took care of things.  I felt like my job just got easier.  She amazes me to this day.

I battled through challenges at Sterling that I never could have foreseen.  I can handle losing accounts or getting the phone slammed down on me but these challenges were that of a different realm.  I was blindsided by the need to change up my sales game.  Not by brushing up on product or sales tactics, but to adopt theories that completely flew in the face of everything I had understood in sales the six years before.  Without using the next fifteen pages to describe it in detail, I had to toss my pitch out there, as weak as it may have been at the time, and simply trust God to deliver it or not.  It drove me nuts.  I'm still a work in progress but when I do trust, all my worry seems to go away and the sales roll in.

As far as family goes, I'm blessed with the most amazing wife and the most adorable baby boy.  That boy is turning one in a few days and I cannot believe it!

Other than that, my blog today, which is the first in many months, will remain short.  My life is as complex as I've chosen to make it.  I've chosen to live a very simple existence and that may be my best advice to those who want to hear God's voice and receive his blessings.  So here's to 2012!


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