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In Our Thoughts and Prayers
Every day Youth for Christ staff and volunteers step out in faith as we take initiative with young people, lead a meeting, or trust God for our financial provision. Every day students take courage as they reach out to their classmates and friends. At YFC we want to be about things that are impossible apart from God's being in the mix. Please be praying with us that God would be unmistakably active in all that we do and in the lives of each person in our ministry.
A Word from the Executive Director
YFC Summer Camp Week One

I have to be honest with myself from time to time and last week was one of those times. I actually thought in my mind, "Why are you here? You're 54 years old and you're in a cabin full of kids for a week?? Are you nuts Fred Douglas??"

Well a few days (and a backache) later, I remembered why, because of kids like John.He came from a broken home and told me I was like a father to him, his dad is non-existent. Then there was Mark who told me that love in his family was expressed by no communication. In other words, if you were spoken to it was for something bad, not good.

Gene made it clear he wanted nothing to do with religion because he's seen it all and the church he went to was no good (his perspective). Sherry felt that God was not really real but someone people made up. In one week we were allowed to see kids from all walks of life change.

We had Cripps and Bloods in camp and no gang wars, praise God!! We had groupies, loners, jocks, geeks and plain Jane types of kids who all needed the same thing . . . an answer to the pain in their lives. That answer is Christ.Only He could bring healing to the inner workings of each camper's pain filled story and help them come to a good resolve.

I am happy to say that all but one of the kids who went to camp with us made a life changing decision to follow Christ! The vast majority made this choice for the first time. 

We are now engaged in following-up with the kids and helping them apply the principles of Christian lifestyle in their everyday thinking. Believe me there are a lot of personal issues to work on. Why was I at camp? . . . Well it didn't take long to figure it out; all I needed was to see what was right there before me.

Thank you for helping kids like John, Mark, Sherry and Sarah.

Yours for kids,
Fred Douglas