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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Diet

Yesterday I started the first diet that I have ever done. Yeah I know, if you know me you'll probably say what I've been hearing since I committed to this diet; "You don't need to diet! You have nothing to lose!" the truth is, I don't have a lot to lose so let me explain...

My wife and I just welcomed the biggest blessing into our lives. Six weeks ago we had a healthy baby boy, Graham Andrew. One of my Christmas gifts to my wife was to get her the meal plan for the Medifast diet. We had not met a person who did it and lost less than 40 lbs. It is virtually a miracle diet.

A few months back I started having trouble fitting into my work/dress pants and shirts. Now I am a very active person, run frequently, and am very conscious of what I eat. I am convinced it was just a combination of my age/metabolism and my newly sedentary lifestyle with a new baby.

This being said, I decided to go on the diet with my wife. This is of course a dual purpose endeavor. Aside from wanting to shed some Christmas weight, I am a firm believer in the proactive support of your spouse. Saying you support someone is not supporting them, it is just saying you do. The best way for us to succeed at this diet is for US to both do it together. This way, she won't be eating her "lean and green" dinner while I eat a whole plate of tacos!

So men, or women, when your spouse comes to you and says they need your support through something, work on putting yourself in their shoes and bearing the burden along side them. You might just end up a better person, with a smaller waistline.

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